Ends on December 31, 2018

$500.00 USD

We have several different ways that your brand can be featured and all articles that feature brands will be labeled accordingly as sponsored articles.

  • ($500) Online Advertorial: This is an informative sponsored article written by a member of the sponsoring organization.  It can include links to specific landing pages and can have a specific call to action. If you or client are launching a product or service that helps small business owners market more effectively on a budget and you would like to demonstrate the specific features, benefits, and strategies of your product or service, this is the option for you.
  • ($800) Sponsored article: This is an article that is written by DIYMarketers.com and is paid for by the brand. A sponsored article does not have to have a clear call to action but will feature the brand's product or service specifically as part of the content. A sponsored article may also contain a direct link to a sales page and a specific call to action, as well as any accompanying sidebar advertising if the brand requests it.
  • Product placement: If your brand is a product or service that DIYMarketers can use and feature in its regular course of doing business, you can choose to "comp" the use of your product by DIYMarketers in return for prominent branding. i.e. Powered By...
Please note, that we do NOT sell links.  We sell placement and content written by small business experts.

All content published on DIYMarketers must conform to our editorial guidelines; be informative, educational and show small business owners how to simplify their marketing and/or market their business on a budget.

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