Ends on December 31, 2018

Do a book review or give us a top 10 list of marketing books.

Have you recently read a sales and marketing book and successfully implemented any of the strategies?

Maybe you have a LIST of books on a sales and marketing theme?  Share it with us!  Please follow this general outline.

1. Include the book name, author name, author's Twitter handle and an Amazon link to the book.

2. Give your book review a snappy title

3. If you're reviewing a single book, please write at least 800 words and use the following outline:

Introduction: Hook us into the book or your book list -- start with something interesting.  Talk to the reader as if he/she is a friend.

  • What's the book about -- what problem where you trying to solve when you picked up this book -- and how did the book help you solve it?
  • What was the best thing about this book 
  • Is there anything you felt was missing
  • Who will get the most out of the book

4. If you're putting together a list -- use this same outline - just shorter -- about 120 words for each book. (again your goal is an article that totals about 1,000 words)

When submitting your article, please include at least 4 images that you own or are available for free INSIDE the document you submit.