DIYMarketers’ mission is to “Simplify Marketing” – our goal is to help small business owners “make sense of marketing”.  Things that you (as an expert) take for granted are often confusing to our audience.  So, content that explains your area of expertise and breaks it down into actionable details does best.

Think of DIYMarketers as a cross between “Consumer Reports” and “Real Simple Magazine” We are a go-to publication for small business owners who are cash strapped, time strapped and just want the short skippy on where to go and what to do.

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Ends on January 1, 2019$150.00 - 500.00
$150.00 - 500.00
We're happy to promote your infographic or blog content across 4 social media channels via social sharing across our community via our 2 Twitter Channels that have a combined following of over 50,000 small businesses and marketing professionals.

In the form below send us your links, graphics and social shares and we'll get your content out there.

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  • ($500) Online Advertorial: This is an informative sponsored article written by a member of the sponsoring organization.  It can include links to specific landing pages and can have a specific call to action. If you or client are launching a product or service that helps small business owners market more effectively on a budget and you would like to demonstrate the specific features, benefits, and strategies of your product or service, this is the option for you.
  • ($800) Sponsored article: This is an article that is written by and is paid for by the brand. A sponsored article does not have to have a clear call to action but will feature the brand's product or service specifically as part of the content. A sponsored article may also contain a direct link to a sales page and a specific call to action, as well as any accompanying sidebar advertising if the brand requests it.
  • Product placement: If your brand is a product or service that DIYMarketers can use and feature in its regular course of doing business, you can choose to "comp" the use of your product by DIYMarketers in return for prominent branding. i.e. Powered By...
Please note, that we do NOT sell links.  We sell placement and content written by small business experts.

All content published on DIYMarketers must conform to our editorial guidelines; be informative, educational and show small business owners how to simplify their marketing and/or market their business on a budget.

Do you have a favorite hack to get customers, keep customers, drive traffic, increase conversions, promote something?  We want to hear all about it!  Check out Backlinko, Brian Dean’s How-to article – this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff we’re looking for here.

DIYMarketers readers are always looking for ways to make small changes that give them new customers and increased profits on a budget.  

When submitting your article, please include at least 4 images that you own or are available for free INSIDE the document you submit.

Ends on December 31, 2018

This is a product review style article or a LIST post of best tools.   It is NOT for product promotions of any kind.  

If you are currently using or have used a specific sales, marketing, social media or other small business management tool that makes your life easier and helps you run your business better and faster while saving you money -- we want to hear all about it.

If you are currently representing a tool or platform - PLEASE do NOT make this a pitch for your product.

Please follow the following outline - 

1. Introduction: Hook us with something really interesting - pretend that you're talking to a friend at lunch and sharing something you learned.

2. What problem were you trying to solve?  

3. How did you find the tool? Did you search, did you ask someone?

4. What was it about the tool that made it appealing to you?

5. Tell us about the pricing options

6. What do you like most about the tool?

7. What's missing that you'd like to see?

8. Who is the tool ideal for?

9. What were the results you got from using this tool?

If you're submitting a LIST of best tools -- follow this basic outline only shorter.

When submitting your article, please include at least 4 images that you own or are available for free INSIDE the document you submit.

Do you have access to recent research or studies that feature a trend in the area of sales, marketing or social media? 

Share the research, how it impacts small business owners and what the research tells them to do with their marketing.

Don't just quote the research, take it one step further and share specific tools, tips and strategies that small business owners can use to take advantage of the research or trend.

When submitting your article, please include at least 4 images that you own or are available for free INSIDE the document you submit.

Do a book review or give us a top 10 list of marketing books.

Have you recently read a sales and marketing book and successfully implemented any of the strategies?

Maybe you have a LIST of books on a sales and marketing theme?  Share it with us!  Please follow this general outline.

1. Include the book name, author name, author's Twitter handle and an Amazon link to the book.

2. Give your book review a snappy title

3. If you're reviewing a single book, please write at least 800 words and use the following outline:

Introduction: Hook us into the book or your book list -- start with something interesting.  Talk to the reader as if he/she is a friend.

  • What's the book about -- what problem where you trying to solve when you picked up this book -- and how did the book help you solve it?
  • What was the best thing about this book 
  • Is there anything you felt was missing
  • Who will get the most out of the book

4. If you're putting together a list -- use this same outline - just shorter -- about 120 words for each book. (again your goal is an article that totals about 1,000 words)

When submitting your article, please include at least 4 images that you own or are available for free INSIDE the document you submit.